• Filorga Foam Cleanser Make-Up Remover 150ml
    £20.00 - inc. VAT
    The first anti-ageing cleanser that dissolves the slightest traces of sebum, make up and pollution while intensely hydrating the skin and protecting it from free radicals. In addition to an ultra-gentle latest generation surfactant of plant origin, it features the following guest stars: high-molecular-weight hyaluronic acid, well-known for its moisturising properties, smoothes dehydration fine-lines and Madonna Lily, which soothes irritation and protects the skin from free-radical attacks
  • Filorga Scrub & Mask Reoxygenating Exfoliating Mask 55ml
    £40.00 - inc. VAT
    Scrub and mask- the first mask that combines exfoliation and reoxygenation in an evolving format.
  • Filorga Time-Filler Mat Perfecting Care Cream 50ml
    £55.00 - inc. VAT
    This perfecting skincare product corrects wrinkles and imperfections. About the brand- For over 35 years, Filorga’s high performance medical solutions have been providing specialised solutions to combat skin ageing. Today, Filorga has become a leading provider of anti-ageing solutions for both the medical profession and general consumers.
  • Filorga Time-Zero Multi-Correction Wrinkles Serum 30ml
    £55.00 - inc. VAT
    Inspired by the latest Filorga innovations, this serum combines two formulas (zero wrinkles concentrate + intense lifting gel) to visibly reduce all types of wrinkles.


In 2007, France’s scientific research authority (CNRS) discovered a way of enabling active ingredient like NCTF® to be absorbed into the dermis without injection treatment. Driven by its CEO, Didier Tabary, FILORGA was able to make its anti-ageing expertise available to the general public: the result was MEDI-COSMETIQUE®, a range of products based on medical quality NCTF® and hyaluronic acid.

Over time, 58 cosmetic products were launched, all of which have the same objective: to deliver optimised, clinically proven effectiveness in a premium packaged product with a luxurious and sensory texture.


Leveraging the best of two worlds, cosmetics and aesthetic medicine, FILORGA’s MEDI-COSMETIQUE® products combine the radial effectiveness of aesthetic medicine with the pleasure of everyday skincare. High-tech cosmetics inspired by the star ingredients and innovative techniques used in aesthetic medicine: a cosmetic alternative to cutting-edge medical anti-ageing solutions.

All MEDI-COSMETIQUE® skincare creams contain the same group of active ingredients as used in medical practice:
Hyaluronic acid (ingredient used in our injectable products) and NCTF® (an active compound to that injected in anti-ageing mesotherapy procedures.)



Hyaluronic acid is a star line-filling molecule that is naturally present in the skin. It plays an essential role in hydrating the skin and controlling aging. However, hyaluronic acid diminishes over time (we lose 6% every 10 years), causing lines to appear and skin tone to slacken.

The molecular weight of our cosmetic hyaluronic acid product is similar to that of the injected product. It is equally pure, ensuring optimum absorption and biopenetration. Its hydration, skin repair and volume-enhancing properties are exceptional. This product builds the skin up from deep within, leaving it supple, firm and well-rounded.

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