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Functionality on has been designed to simplify the search, selection and purchase of our products.

Whether you are a Prescriber creating online Prescriptions, a Business buying in bulk or a Solo Practitioner looking to try new products, we hope the below helps makes it easier for us all to work together.

Customer Help Videos

Purchasing with a Prescription

Purchasing with a prescription is now faster, easier and a lot more accurate.

You can:

  • add prescription products to your basket
  • assign a prescriber (see how to add a prescriber below)
  • assign products and patient details to your order

Add a Prescriber to Your Account

We all make mistakes and typing in your Prescribers Email incorrectly can delay getting your products to you as soon as possible. Now, you can add single or multiple Prescribers to your account with Teleta.

Click on the video to learn how to :

  • Add and remove a prescriber
  • Send an invite to a non Teleta Registered Prescriber


Or, jump right in and goto My Prescribers

Add Your Customer’s detail to an order

When you buy Prescription Only Products for multiple customers in the one order, they may need to be split up into individual Prescriptions by your Prescriber. This can add time to your prescription being signed off and introduce allocation errors. Now, you can prevent errors and save time

Click on the video to learn how to :

  • Split your order up into individual Prescriptions
  • Add patient Details to each Prescription

Or not : ) You can still use create your order and assign a Prescriber just as you have always done.

Prescriber How To Videos

How to register as a Prescriber

Registering as a Prescriber at is fast and opens up a load of timesaving functionality.

You can:

  • sign prescriptions electronically
  • manage and edit prescriptions
  • view archive of past prescriptions
  • download paper copies
  • save time


Click here to get started

How To Sign Prescription Orders

Signing orders on is fast, secure, and all paperless. Using your laptop, ipad or mobile you can:

  • be alerted to prescriptions needing your signature
  • review, edit, split the order before signing
  • maintain and review your archive of past Prescriptions

How to split an order into Multiple Prescriptions

Customers sometimes buy an order for multiple clients needing multiple prescriptions. This would normally mean a lot of typing. now you can do it all electronically saving time!

Now you can:

  • review orders
  • split the order into multiple prescriptions
  • sign electronically

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