Prescription Only Medicines (POM)
Prescription Only Medicines (POM) are a specific class of medicine with specific rules and regulations. A POM requires authorisations in the form of a Prescription from a Doctor and other authorised healthcare professionals.

Each POM Prescribed must be dispensed from a Pharmacy or Licensed Premises.With over 70 years experience, Teleta Pharma are MHRA accredited, WDA Certified and GDP compliant.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can Teleta supply me Toxins or other POM's?

    Upon receipt of a Prescription from a vetted and qualified Prescriber that has been registered with Teleta, Yes we can and do.

  • Can only POM's appear on a Prescription?

    No, a Prescription can contain non POM's.

  • Can my Prescriber register with Teleta?

    Of course! Forward on this link https://www.teleta.co.uk/prescription-registration/ to your Prescriber. Registration is quick and once checked, verified and, approved your Prescriber can sign your Prescriptions (or their other Clients) electronically!

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