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  • Careessential Nitrile Gloves Medium (200)
    Caressential ™ Examinations Gloves are certified with PPE Category III, providing the unsurpassed film strength and chemical resistance properties in the market. With proper contour design and surface treatment, the gloves are easy to don and provide the fit, feel and functionality desired by medical and speciality personnel.
  • Couch Hygiene Roll 20” (9)
    Couch Hygiene Roll 20” White Premium Quality Couch Roll Perfect easy tear perforations High quality absorbent tissue
  • Hibiscrub 4% (250ml)
    £7.08 - inc. VAT
    Hibiscrub 4% solution (250ml) Antimicrobial Skin Cleanse
  • Hydrex (Pink) (600ml)
    £8.10 - inc. VAT
      For pre-operative skin disinfection prior to minor surgical procedures Chlorhexidine Gluconate 0.5% w/v in DEB 70% v/v combining immediate and sustained effect to prevent microbial re-growth Broad efficacy spectrum
  • Latex Free Gloves Powder Free – Large (100)
    £5.40 - inc. VAT
    The Readigloves Nytraguard Bluple Nitrile Gloves are perfect for the majority of tasks in a healthcare setting but can also be used for a huge variety of general tasks requiring hand protection. These gloves have been left un-powdered to eliminate skin irritation or contamination. Applications Medical examination Medical general purpose Routine patient care Care for...
  • Latex Free Gloves Powder Free – Small (100)
    £5.40 - inc. VAT
    Latex Free Gloves Powder Free - Small (100)
  • Readiwipes Wipes (200)
    Wet Hard Surface Alcohol Wipes
    • Pack of 200 wipes supplied in a flip-top container
    • For cleaning and decontaminating
    • Ideal for use in clinical areas
    • Each wipe is impregnated with 70% Isopropyl
  • Sharps Yellow Bin (1 ltr)
    Designed for the safe and effective disposal of contaminated sharps.
  • Sharps Yellow Bin (5 ltr)
    Designed for the safe and effective disposal of contaminated sharps
  • Sterile Disposable Scalpel No.14 Blade with Polystyrene Handle x 10
    Sealed individually in trays Carries a graduated measure on the reverse of the handle (for indication only)  to mirror our range of metal stainless handles Marked with the CE symbol which previously only appeared on the outer product packaging. Individually packaged into a new transparent thermo formed tray providing improved product visibility and developed to assist in safe passing techniques. When peeling the packet...