Intraline are an international manufacturer of own product lines of  Dermal Fillers and PDO threads as well as other Aesthetics products.

Based in Canada they pride themselves on their core values. Ownership, Courage, Passion, and Innovation not only help define them, but also strengthen their strategy therefore informing all decisions they make as a company.

All their products are CE approved. They are proud to offer a comprehensive line up of dermal fillers to address a wide range of dermal aesthetic treatments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Monophasic Series (M Series)

    The M Series of dermal fillers are formulated and manufactured in Korea. They are a smooth product, characterised by high viscosity with low migration. This makes them perfect for single dose treatments, facial contouring, and rhinoplasty. M2 Plus Lidocaine M3 Plus Lidocaine M4 Plus Lidocaine

  • Biphasic Essential Series (Bi Series)

    Formulated and manufactured in Sweden, these dermal fillers provide a high G Prime or elasticity. This means they resist change of shape brought on by external forces such as facial movements. As such, they are better used where definition and longevity are preferred in areas like the lips Intraline Men Intraline One Intraline Two

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