Biotine Bayer 0.5%

Biotine (Vitamin H) 0.5% is the active ingredient found in Biotine Bayer 0.5% and is manufactured by Bayer. It is an intramuscular injectable solution commonly used to promote the synthesis of keratin, a key component in the growth of hair and nails.

Purchasing unlicensed medicines to meet special needs.

This is an unlicensed medicine and should only be supplied to meet the special needs of the patient.  Please only prescribe/ order unlicensed medicines if the following criteria are met:
  • An unlicensed medicinal product may only be supplied in order to meet the special needs of an individual patient
  • An unlicensed medicinal product should not be supplied where an equivalent licensed medicinal product can meet the special need of the patient
  • Responsibility for deciding whether an individual patient has ‘special needs’ which a licensed product cannot meet should be a matter for the prescribing healthcare professional

Each pack contains

  • 6x 1ml ampules


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