Aessoa Micro Cannula 22G 50mm (20)

Aessoa Micro Cannula 22G 50mm is a finely crafted Ultra-Thin Cannula for the use of aesthetic procedures on all areas across the face. Far thinner than a conventional cannula, the Aessoa Cannula is designed to reduce patient discomfort and minimise haemorrhage and swelling. The Ultra Thin Wall needle successfully reduces friction resistance, reduce pain and bleeding during needling. This also requires less injection pressure due to the wide internal caliber of the Ultra Thin Wall for a smoother and more controlled injection.

The Aessoa Cannula consists of Micro Cannula with Guide (Puncture) Needle. This facilitates a smoother procedure for practitioners while injecting. High viscosity solutions can be inserted through the extra fine needles.

Pack Size

  • Each pack contains 20 cannulas

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