Jalupro HMW (1 x1.5ml + 1 x 1ml)



Pack Size: Amps + Syringe 1 x 1,5ml + 1 x 1,0ml

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Jalupro® HMW is an injectable solution which has been formulated using a clever combination of amino acids. Technically labelled as a ‘dermal biorevitalizer’, it eradicates skin depressions caused by ageing wrinkles and scars. It is a sterile resorbable injectable solution which can be used for the treatment of skin defects and depressions caused by wrinkles and scars.

The pack consists of:

  • Amps + Syringe 1 x 1,5ml + 1 x 1,0ml


Benefits of Jalupro® HMW:

  • Can fix scars
  • Areas: Face, neck, décolleté, underarms, hands, inner thighs, abdomen, knee region


How long does the result last for?

Results are instant from the first treatment. In general, results last up to 6 months.

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