LMX 4 Cream (30g)

LMX 4% Topical Anesthetic Cream contains 4% Lidocaine and can be used to relieve pain caused by minor burns, sunburn, and insect bites.

Applicable Procedures & Conditions:

Laser Hair Removal, Dermal Fillers/Injections, Tattoo Application & Removal, Bikini Wax, Skin/Laser Surgery, Medium depth peels, Permanent Make-up, Skin irritations, Burns, Sunburn, Insect bites. LMX4 is a 4% Lidocaine topical anesthetic cream available without a prescription.

Warnings or Restrictions

Like all medicines, LMX4 Cream can cause side effects, but not everyone is affected. Stop using the cream and contact your doctor or pharmacist if any side effects bother you or do not seem to go away. Tell your doctor about anything else that makes you feel unwell while you are using LMX4 cream.

A mild reaction (paleness or redness of the skin, slight puffiness, initial burning or itching) may occur where LMX4 Cream is used. This is normal and will disappear in a short while.

Serious effects are very rare however if you develop a rash at a spot where LMX4 is not being used or have difficulty breathing please seek urgent medical attention or attend the nearest hospital.

Avoid getting LMX4  in your eyes as it may irritate. If this happens, immediately rinse well with lukewarm water or salt solution and be careful to protect your eye until feeling returns.

Be careful not to scratch, rub or accidentally injure the area where the cream has been applied or expose to extremes of heat until complete sensation has returned.

Adults and the elderly aged 18 years and over:

Use 1.5g to 2g on each 10cm2 area of skin, to cover a maximum total area of 900cm2 (approximately equal to a back or thigh).

  1. Apply LMX4 approximately 30 to 60 minutes before the procedure starts.
  2. Using the quantities stated above, apply the cream in a thin layer to the skin.
  3. Ensure the cream is not accidentally rubbed off the skin.
  4. After approximately 30 to 60 minutes, remove the cream with a tissue or gauze.
  5. The procedure should begin shortly after removal of the cream.

The cream should not be reapplied for at least 12 hours after it has been removed. Do not use on patients below 18 years of age.

Product Information

LMX4 Cream is a numbing cream for easing the pain of needle procedures e.g. injections, vaccinations or blood tests.


Suitable if you plan to use LMX4 Cream occasionally and if you only need to numb a small area of skin (e.g. for immunisations or blood tests). A 5g tube is enough for two doses of LMX4 Cream.

How much to use

1g is approximately equal to 5cm length of cream squeezed from the 5g tube and 3.5cm from the 30g tube.


Additional Information

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