Neofound Roll-On 40ml

Neofound Roll On is the latest Bio Revitalising Emulsion Gel from Italian manufacturers, Love Cosmedical.

Created for ease of use, this ‘Body Roll On’ takes the benefits of Neofound Serum to the rest of the body. Perfect for neck, décolleté, stomach, legs and anywhere else that could benefit from having smoother, softer, more glowing skin.


High PM hyaluronic acid: increases the barrier function and retains H20 A_A preserves the NMF Squalane and natural oils: immediate hydration, smoothing effect and improving skin texture


Hexapeptide: Botox-like action, relaxing and releasing muscle fibers.

Hyaluronic acid with low PM: penetrates deeply, gives turgidity and elasticity.


Resveratrol Niacinamide Acetylcysteine for a radiant skin, uniform colour, photo protected and blemish prevention.

Biological Impact

Amino acids High PM hyaluronic acid for the synthesis of collagen.

Each Pack Contains

  • 1x 40ml Body Roll On

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