Rumi Facial Device

Rumi is a revolutionary facial device designed with five technologies that treat the different layers of the face from the skin to the muscles.

Only 10 minutes of treatment per day will promote the production of collagen and elastin which results in a lifting effect. In addition, it will increase the absorption of topical applied skincare into the skin whilst massaging the facial muscles. It also provides anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effects targeting skin impurities.

5 Different Technologies

  • Electroporation
    by making micro holes in the skin, this drives the active ingredients in the dermis
  • RF (Radiofrequency)
    This increases the production of collagen and elastin resulting in skin tightening and a lifting effect of the face
  • EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation)
    At high suction power, Rumi mimics a meridian massage which stimulates the acupressure points in the body while simultaneously tightening the skin
  • LED
    The Rumi has three types of LED technologies: Red, Blue and yellow. This combination of LED delivers anti-ageing, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effects
  • Vibration
    At a rate of 12,000 times per minute the vibration within the Rumi improves the absorption of topically applied treatments


Each Pack Contains

  • 1x Rumi device


  • SHE&B


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