Teosyal RHA Kiss


The newest dermal filler of the Teosyal Lip Unique Collection.

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Teosyal RHA Kiss with Lidocaine is the newest member of the Teosyal Lip Unique Collection. It is ideally suited to add volume to the lips as well as enhancing the lip contour. Additionally, the filler can be very useful when selected to treat facial wrinkles like perioral lines. It also has high stretch at medium strength characteristics, which makes the filler suitable for reshaping the lips.

Using a small amount of gel, Teosyal RHA Kiss should be injected into the mucosa to treat the lips, or the mid dermis to correct fine lines. Results are expected to last 6-8 months dependent on application and patients lifestyle

Each pack contains

  • 2 x 0.7ml
  • Provided needle 30G 1/2

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