The Wellness Check is a powerful tool for proactive health management, offering a detailed snapshot of your current health status and potential areas for improvement. It can help you and your healthcare provider make informed decisions about lifestyle adjustments or treatments.

The Wellness Check Tests Your:

  • Full Blood Count (FBC): Provides valuable information on the overall health and functionality of your blood including haemoglobin which shows anaemia levels and various types of white blood cells indicative of immunity levels and infections.
  • Basic Nutrition Panel: Assesses crucial vitamins and minerals that are pivotal for maintaining good health. It includes tests for serum folate, active vitamin B12, calcium, and magnesium – each vital for various bodily functions including nerve function and bone health. Vitamin D levels are also checked to ensure healthy bone density and immune function.
  • Iron Panel: Tests for serum iron and Total Iron Binding Capacity (TIBC), which together indicate iron availability and storage. Transferrin saturation and ferritin levels give a clear picture of iron metabolism in your body, while transferrin, a protein that transports iron, is also measured.
  • Diabetes Screen: Includes an HbA1C test, which provides an average of your blood sugar levels over the past 2-3 months, and a glucose test to measure the immediate level of sugar in your blood.
  • Basic Thyroid Panel: Includes Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH), Triiodothyronine (T3), and Thyroxine (T4) to assess how well your thyroid gland is functioning, which is essential for regulating metabolism.
  • Liver Health Panel: A series of tests that measure various enzymes and proteins produced by the liver. These include bilirubin, alkaline phosphatase (ALP), alanine transaminase (ALT), aspartate transaminase (AST), and gamma-glutamyl transferase (Gamma GT). Total protein, albumin, and globulin levels are also checked, providing a comprehensive view of liver health.
  • Kidney Function: This panel includes urea, creatinine, and estimated Glomerular Filtration Rate (eGFR) to assess how well your kidneys are filtering waste from your blood. Electrolytes such as sodium and potassium are also measured, as well as creatine kinase.
  • Uric Acid (Gout Check): Elevated uric acid levels can indicate gout, a type of arthritis that causes painful inflammation.
  • Cholesterol Panel: Measures levels of Total Cholesterol, HDL (good cholesterol), LDL (bad cholesterol), and triglycerides, which are important for assessing heart disease risk. The Total Cholesterol/HDL Ratio is also calculated for a more detailed risk analysis.
  • Inflammatory Markers: C-Reactive Protein (CRP) is measured to detect inflammation and monitor conditions like autoimmune diseases and chronic infections.

Who Should Consider This Test?

  • Individuals seeking a thorough health overview to establish a wellness baseline or monitor existing conditions.
  • Those experiencing unexplained symptoms like fatigue, weakness, or nutritional concerns.
  • Anyone interested in a detailed snapshot of their health status, from immune function to nutritional well-being.

Box Contents:

Instruction booklet, Patient information form, Pre-labelled collections tubes (SST Gold 400-600µL- 4 / grey top-1/ EDTA purple top-1),Lancets 4, Alcohol Wipes 4, Alcohol free wipes with sterile saline 3, Plasters 4, Sample transport bag (Shuttle Pouch) 3.

How Does it work?

  • Once purchased, your test with unique barcode will be sent to your address
  • Contained within is everything you need to take the samples necessary
  • Register your unique barcode to activate the kit with supplied link in your testing kit
  • Perform the Test and enclose your samples in the provided Packaging
  • Post your Prepaid package to Cojent Labs
  • Await to be informed that your results are in (usually 48 – 72 hours)


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