Local pickup Monday 18th July and Tuesday 19th July continues to be available at Teleta House

Due to the forecasted ‘Amber & Red Alert’ for extreme temperatures over consecutive days, we have updated our policy regarding temperature controlled products. This allows us to ensure our product quality and safety is maintained for our customers.

Click here for up to date Met Office Alerts

All products have a safe temperature storage/shipment range and we are required to ensure that all medicines are transported to our customers within their labelled conditions. This is typically below 25 Celsius. We endeavour to protect these products by adjusting the way we pack them, however with the forecasted high temperature conditions for parts of the country over an extended time period, it may be necessary to delay shipping these items.

We will ship other items in line with our standard policy and will ship the temperature controlled medicines items as soon as possible but no later than Tuesday 19th of July for delivery Wednesday 20th July.

Check with us to see if your postcode is affected by this policy.

If you are located in areas not affected by this extreme weather, deliveries will remain in line with our Standard Delivery option. Our Customer support team are contacting customers we believe to be affected.

Contact us on 01355204448 or support@teleta.co.uk to see if your order is affected

Please note this weekend ( July 16th and 17th) will be affected by the policy.

This means for affected areas all orders placed today, Friday 15th July, containing a temperature controlled medicine will be held and shipped out on Tuesday 19th July.

If your order contains items not affected by this policy which you need urgently, please contact us at support@teleta.co.uk.