Another full week at Teleta as we strive to develop our services and offerings in line with your needs! Work on the Pharmacy site has continued through to final rounds of testing. We really hope you like how easy it is for prescribers and their clients to work together.

We have also been setting up Ebay and Amazon shops for a selection of our consumable and cosmetics lines. So keep an eye out for us and our great prices.

Thank you for all of you who got in touch last week. We do hope it is of value to you and, again, if there is anything you would like to see in this newsletter, please get in touch at


Thought Of The Week

What sentence do you read when you see these letters:
Did you read “Opportunities are now here” or “Opportunities are nowhere”? Are you happy with what you read? Just a bit of fun but, a helpful indicator of where ‘you are at’.


Revealed: how the UK beauty and aesthetics market is really performing

Do you work closely with the Beauty industry? Perhaps you are partnered with one or more salons? What are the most popular treatments and who performs them? Professional Beauty website The NHBF’s Aesthetics Survey has released their survey results.

Cysts, Scars & Permanent Damage: The Extreme Risks Of DIY Lip Filler Pens

Not just the physical damage but also the mental! With filler pens costing £55 with £12.50 for refills, the temptation for DIY fillers in these COVID times can lead to some horrific damage.


We Need You

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‘Whatever you do, don’t do DIY cosmetic procedures at home’, says expert

Save Face, a government approved register of accredited cosmetic practitioners, has received more than 65 complaints over private treatments being advertised on social media since March

6 Best Free Appointment Scheduling Software

Great appointment software can fill your diary automatically, send out reminders and even take deposits. So many choices out there to help keep you organised yet not a lot of advice on which to chose. The team at have compiled a list of their top 6 free solutions.


National Burger Day?

OK it is a US thing… our question is, when is national Mango Mojito day?
Mango Mojitos
Well the sun is shining and it is a Friday after all…