It is NEVER a quiet week at Teleta, or in the world of aesthetics! ….case in point with the latest government dates outlined last week. Let’s hope for more information soon on a safe way forward out of this COVID ‘pause’ we find ourselves in.

EXCITING NEWS! We will be working closely with the Intraline team to bring you new content and offers from this great company. Our kick off meeting with their Marketing Department is this week looking at their new ‘M Series’ with lidocaine Dermal Filler Range (quick view of M-Series here), and we will update you on what will be coming up in the next newsletter.

This week at Teleta, we are looking at bundle deals, or product combinations, that we find you creating in your baskets! So keep you eyes open for savings (we have 2 up there already.. check them out below).


Thought Of The Week

“The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide you’re not going to stay where you are.” – J.P. Morgan


Owner of Milton Keynes aesthetics clinic hits out at ‘unfair’ government ruling that she cannot re-open

Like all practitioners, Amber Ray has not been able to work since March. But when the government changed its ruling on July 4th to delay Aesthetic Clinics re-opening, it has left Amber with a few questions…


Botox For Jaw Clenching: I Tried It and It Worked

Fascinating read from Grazia about how Dr. Jeremy Cumpston, Ageless Clinics in Australia, used botox to treat Grazia Beauty Editor, Emily Algar. Emily WAS a long term sufferer of headaches, teeth grinding, jaw pain and lock jaw. Botox relieved it in just 10 days and, even gave her a slimmer jawline!


Are Botox & Filler Now Essential For Our Self-Esteem?

In case you missed the article earlier this month, Vogue explore the effect the lockdown is having on people’s self-esteem and what they’re doing about it.


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We POWERED through the first season of Jessica Biel’s ‘The Sinners’. Each episode’s ending was too much to not binge watch the next!
The Sinner – Netflix


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