Join Dr Amore and colleagues as they discuss new techniques, hyperpigmentation, and products such as Profound and Peppermint Peel

Following on from the successful Free Seminar with Dr Amore on ‘LoveUP’ Dermal Filler techniques, Dr Roberto Amore of Love Cosmedical along with colleagues Dr Kaly Jaff, Dr Konstantinos Gritzalas, and moderated by Dr Fiorella Deriou are presenting live, Tuesday May 5th, 1.30pm GMT, a global approach to skin reconditioning and rejuvenation.

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To improve skin globally, you must consider the the most appropriate techniques and products suited to achieve your desired outcome. Whether that be the treatment of skin hyperpigmentation, erythmia, melasma or cell rejuvenation and wrinkle correction. Our understanding of the structural changes involved in ageing has shifted our focus. We no longer solely concentrate on isolated problem areas but look at the face as a whole, to achieve that global revitalising and rejuvenation effect. However, it is important to underline the fact that different areas have different patterns of ageing.

Profound and Peppermint Peel are two such treatments that, when used together, have the combined effect to achieve that global result. Join Dr Amore and colleagues who will discuss the differing techniques/products and take questions on techniques and results they have achieved.

Skin Rejuvenation and Reconditioning Products from Love Cosmedical

About Love Cosmedical

Based in Italy, Love Cosmedical’s mission is to design, produce, develop and market new technological and innovative medical devices and products combining the two most important aspects of safety and efficacy.

Each of their products meet the current needs of medical procedures.  Improving existing technology and devices, designing a device or product to a defined standard all recognised by medical professionals.

Each product is designed to appeal to an aesthetic treatment market. Focussing on the high quality and low cost of total treatment parameters.