Guest blogger Dr Kaly Jaff breaks down why Bio-Stimulation is the most important treatment to have.

Bio-remodelling, bio-stimulation and bio-stimulants. What do they all really mean and why is it important anyway? Is Bio-stimulation the secret to youth? These words, and their synonyms, are floating around the aesthetics world and for the most part, I just thought it made regeneration sound fancy. That is effectively what it is… isn’t it? A treatment that shakes up your skin and encourages it to wake up and smell the coffee? So why do we do it? Why do we need it and why is it so important? Well, this is my short breakdown on the big bad world of bio-stimulation and why it’s the most important treatment to have.

In the beginning of my aesthetics career, like so many, I was loving Hyaluronic Acid (HA) and all the wonders that it could do for the lips, those cheeks and anti-ageing. It was like opening up that new toy on Christmas Day. It took me YEARS before I asked, “OK but what now?”.

Sure, dermal fillers are fantastic for volume loss, fat migration, correction of asymmetry, contouring, enhancing, beautification and anti ageing but what about those fine lines? And the pigmentation? What about the scarring and all the things on the surface of the skin that doesn’t allow me to appreciate the art work of the HA filler treatment? There is no point in investing in an expensive pillow if your pillow cover is stained, creased, doesn’t fit and looks tired.

Neurotoxin was great. It ironed my pillow cover. But it still wasn’t enough.

That’s when I explored the world of Neurotoxin. Finally, something that works for lines, slows down the ageing process and smoothens out the surface! What a joy! But wait, what about the lines that are there when the client is NOT moving? Now, the pigmentation looks more obvious all of a sudden? Neurotoxin was great. It ironed my pillow cover. But it still wasn’t enough.

This led me to develop into skincare. WOW! Peels and potions I could use and send home with the client for their homework. This skin would brighten and tighten and the pores would reduce and everything would glow and I thought, “Hallelujah! I finally found the secret to youth!”. But, again, it wasn’t enough.

What about the clients that couldn’t commit to regular peels or 2-6 step morning and evening routines? What about the boss’s and the mums and the ones working two jobs? Time and commitment meant skin treatments took a back seat.

Until that is, bio-stimulation came knocking at my door. A treatment that would brighten and tighten the skin, improve collagen, reduce the ageing process, remove fine lines and damage. It prolonged HA aesthetic work, enhanced neurotoxin results, treated melasma and can be used in more areas than just the face!

Surely not? Where has this been all my life? Well, it’s always been here. Bio-stimulation just evolved over time under many names until it became what we know it as today. In the past, it has presented as micro needling, it came in the form of a derma-roller. It transformed into a dermal-pen, nano needles and ablation. We injected our own plasma, the famous Kim Kardashian “Vampire facial” was born. There is Profhilo, Profound and many more!

Essentially the theory is the same; we create nano wounds superficially on the skin which shocks that area into thinking there has been some sort of trauma. This stimulates the natural cycle to kick into action and in the repair process, you create collagen. This makes your skin stronger, tighter and more youthful.

Lots of research and lots of results analysis

But how do we choose our approach and decide what product we want to inject into the skin?

Lots of research and results analysis. It is so important to choose a mechanism that is as atraumatic as possible. It has to give you full control of the depth you want to treat and is a technique you are comfortable and well rehearsed in. You need your results to be predictable and reproducible.

There are lots of papers and studies behind the use of dermal rollers and that it can result in more damage than good when used long term or incorrectly. The ablation and dermal-pens can be expensive to invest in and are quite painful. And that’s why my weapon of choice is a nano-needle. This allows me to inject all over the face, neck, chest and hands and is no worse than plucking a hair in terms of discomfort. It allows me to get as close as I need in delicate areas such as the eye and it also gives me full autonomy of how deep or superficial I want to be!

My product of choice for injecting? It’s always got to be Profound. Why? It’s cocktail of antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, low weight and heavy weight HA plus moisturisers. It is the top of the market at the moment and there is no substitute that promises the same results. It has incredible effects on pigmentation, scarring, overall hydration, treatment of acne, reduces rosacea and irons out those fine lines and wrinkles.

My ‘secret of youth’

The beauty of bio-stimulation is that it is completely in our hands. We don’t have to rely on the client doing their routines at home and we can go in as many times as is required.

Bio-stimulation is what gives me that perfectly clean, bright (and new) pillow case and is ultimately my secret of youth!


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