Join the LOVEUp Seminar on Dermal Filler techniques by Dr Roberto Amore of Love Cosmedical and colleagues

There is a HUGE selection of dermal filler products on the market. Each one, specialising and targeting a specific use case or area. Selecting the perfect dermal filler, to meet the desired outcome of the client, is always the first step of any Aesthetics practitioner.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a multi-purpose volume filler at market leading value? Well, now you can with Love Cosmedical’s latest development called ‘LoveUP’.

Dr Roberto Amore of Love Cosmedical along with colleagues Dr Mario Goises, Dr Konstantinos Gritzalas, and moderated by Dr Fiorella Deriou will be presenting live, this Thursday April 30th, 2.30pm GMT.

This free online LoveUP Dermal Filler, learning and development session will cover the application techniques of their latest dermal filler, ‘LoveUP’.


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Love Cosmedical describes their versatile ‘LoveUp’ dermal filler as, “Capable of successfully treating numerous body and face target areas”. With differing techniques and applications that vary from jawline enhancements to sculpting the perfect buttocks, Dr Amore and his colleagues will answer your questions.


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Agenda: Free Online LoveUP Dermal Filler Seminar

Quote : Dr Roberto Amore said:

“You can achieve a global aesthetic volume effect in various parts of the body. Therefore, our aim is to demonstrate this by creating a new generation of high quality dermal fillers, such as LoveUP. This is made possible without having to change the product or being restricted by quantitative limits. In short, the result is beneficial to the overall aesthetic outcome as well as the affordability to the practitioner and patient.”

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About Love Cosmedical

Love Cosmedical is based in Italy. Its mission is to design, produce, develop and market innovative medical devices and products.

Each of their products meet the current needs of medical procedures by:

  • improving existing technology and devices
  • designing new devices or products to a defined standard recognised by medical professionals.

Their products are specifically designed to appeal to the aesthetic treatment market. Which results in high quality, but low cost  treatments while maintaining the highest standards of safety and efficacy.