Join Dr Amore and Dr Fiorella Deriou for the latest free webinar from the Love Cosmedical team

Intralipotherapy 2020 Seminar is the latest in the series of free webinars from Dr Roberto Amore of Love Cosmedical and moderated by Dr Fiorella Deriou. The team will be presenting live, this Thursday May 21st @ 4.30pm GMT, the non surgical treatment of unwanted fat deposits and promise a full immersion in the world of chemical reduction of subcutaneous fat.

To book your free space at the Intralipotherapy 2020 Seminar contact or DM our insta account and we will send you a pass.

Intralipotherapy has been a welcome treatment for those problem fat areas of the arms, legs, buttocks, back, belly, face and even man boobs. Fat Dissolving products such as Deso Body and Deso Face, have been specifically developed and formulated to address those areas. The very specific requirements, and the subsequent approaches, of the body and face, require products and techniques specifically designed for each.

Register now to join the Love Cosmedical team as they discuss Intralipotherapy and a full discussion on the chemical reduction of subcutaneous fat this, Thursday 4.30pm.

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About Love Cosmedical

Based in Italy, Love Cosmedical’s mission is to design, produce, develop and market new technological and innovative medical devices and products combining the two most important aspects of safety and efficacy.

Each of their products meet the current needs of medical procedures.  Improving existing technology and devices, designing a device or product to a defined standard all recognised by medical professionals.

Each product is designed to appeal to an aesthetic treatment market. Focussing on the high quality and low cost of total treatment parameters.