Aessoa Monophasic Dermal Fillers

The new year is here bringing with it a renewed sense of positivity and ambition in order to make your clients look and feel their best with Aessoa Dermal Fillers!💜

Cosmetic trends are shifting frequently with celebrity and social media influences. As a result, this creates a significant impact on the demand for cosmetic and aesthetics next ‘tweekments.’ So it comes with no surprise, that cosmetic businesses are striving to release new and improved injectables. With all the new developments and innovations on offer, Aesthetic Practitioners have a plethora of options to choose from. 

There are some amazing dermal filler brands in today’s market. At Teleta we stock them all but we have are really excited to talk about the new Aessoa Monophasic Dermal Filler Range with Lidocaine. Particularly when you read the Aessoa Philosophy and their unique qualities that sets them apart, and in some cases beyond, more established, pricey, brands in the market. 

The Aessoa Dermal Filler Range  

Aessoa Dermal Fillers are new, Monophasic fillers designed with everyone in mind. Whatever the application, the 4 products (Shine, Ultra, Deep and Global) provide the Aesthetic Practitioner flexible solutions from fine tuning to deep corrections.

Your patients’ can expect Sculpting, Volumizing, Defining, and Hydrating results with Aessoa.

Their unique grinding manufacturing process help to produce an extremely smooth, clean & elegant product with less swelling and downtime!

“Deep gives good projection to lips. No lumps and bumps, good for the plump lip lover. Shine – Excellent for fine lines. Global – New go to for Russian lips. Ultra – Fair projection to cheeks and jaw.”
Joannes Aesthetics 


Buy Aessoa Global Dermal Filler Here!Aessoa Global with Lidocaine 

Aessoa Global is designed to improve your patients’ finer wrinkles, crow’s feet and for lip enhancements. Your patient can expect rejuvenating and contouring results lasting from 12-18 months.  

This product should be injected into the Mid Dermis to allow for maximum water absorption and moisture.

“New go to for Russian lips “Joanne Aesthetics.


Aessoa ShineBuy Aessoa Shine Dermal Filler Here! with Lidocaine  

Aessoa Shine is designed to be injected into the superficial dermis of your patient’s skin. This helps to create volume and instant moisture. Being able to be used all over the face, this is an ideal product to use if your patient is looking to tighten their pores and moisturise their skin.

Results differ from patient to patient however generally last from 12-18 months.

Loved the Shine product”- Samantha Ward.


Aessoa DeepBuy Aessoa Deep Dermal Filler Here! with Lidocaine 

Aessoa Deep is designed to be injected for the correction of any deep wrinkles. Results can be expected to last 12-18 months. This product is suitable to treat your patient’s Forehead, Nose, Glabella lines, Marionette lines plus lip augmentation. To take full advantage of this product, it should be injected into the Mid Dermis to allow for maximum water absorption and moisture.

The deep injected really well and the syringe felt sturdy, my favourite to work with is Deep ” – La Ross Aesthetics. 

“We liked the needle in the Deep product as it was clear making flashback easier to detect” – About Face. 


Buy Aessoa Deep Dermal Filler Here!Aessoa Ultra with Lidocaine  

Aessoa Ultra is designed to correct fine lines, wrinkles, periorbital lines and lip contouring. Aessoa Ultra should be injected into the Mid Dermis to allow for maximum water absorption and moisture. Results can be expected to last 12-18 months. This product can be used to help enhance your patient’s cheeks, chin, nasolabial folds and the forehead. 

“Fair projection to cheeks and jaw.” Joannes Aesthetics.



Don’t Forget Cannulas & Threads

Aessoa has an extensive range of cannulas and threads to choose from to add to your aesthetic toolkit. This includes various sizes of Micro Cannulas, Cube Threads, Dual Pin Threads, Eye Threads and even Gold Pleated Threads! Therefore, giving practitioners more options for tailoring treatment plans to your patients’ needs and budgets. Access this range here.  

 Smoother Product leads to less Discomfort for Your Patients  

Like most patients, their dream is for you to enhance their appearance with little discomfort and maximum effect, however ‘No Pain – No Gain’ is how the saying goes… or does it?  

All Aessoa Dermal fillers contain 0.3% Lidocaine to help ease discomfort for your patients. But that is not the only contributing factor. The viscosity of the product, the quality of the ingredients, the skill of the Practitioner and the smoothness of the product all play a part.  

“Aspiration works really well, plunger returns to pre aspiration position when the plunger is released”

About Face 

What makes Aessoa dermal fillers stand out is their employment of a unique ‘grinding process’ which produces the smoothest of injectable fillers. With less pressure needed to inject, there is less swelling and less patient downtime and discomfort. 

Washed Hyaluronic Acid 

To both Patients, and Practitioners, Hypersensitivity and allergic reactions are always in their thoughts when using fillers. Aessoa Hyaluronic Acid is purified in an extensive process which helps in reducing redness and other unwanted side effects for the Patient. This purification ‘washing’ process ensures that: 

  • Product characteristics are consistent, 
  • BDDE residue is lower than the value (0ppm), 
  • Endotoxin is lower than 0.02 EU/ml, 
  • Possibility of allergies or hypersensitivity reactions reduced 

What Makes Aessoa Dermal Fillers Unique?  

Aessoa is their first single-phase (Monophasic) Hyaluronic Acid dermal filler. To clarify, this combines smaller particle sizes resulting in long-lasting effectiveness.

Aessoa strived to produce a natural effect. In short, by using high-density tapping technology, it will increases viscoelasticity and can delay early degradation of the Patient’s skin. As a result, your Patients can expect long-lasting results with the effects of treatments lasting from 12-18 months depending on indication area and patient. 

  • First single-phase (monophasic) hyaluronic acid dermal filler
  • Produces a natural effect
  • Increases viscoelasticity
  • Delays early degradation
  • Longer-lasting results of 12-18 months (depending on the patient and indication area)

Aessoa Dermal Filler Philosophy – ‘Age is Only a Number – How We Can Make Our Clients Feel Is What Counts’

The hands of time never stop moving and it can be especially tricky for most clients requesting to look like their ‘10-years-ago’ self.

As your patients begin to age, not only does their bone structure change but their Hyaluronic Acid breaks down. This, along with their lifestyle, contributes to the formation of wrinkles, sagging skin, mis balances, and other aesthetic issues.

To address this, whether it is the skin, wrinkling, or structure the single-phase composition of the Hyaluronic Acid in Aessoa allows easy manipulation of the gel and provides more natural results. Combating your patient’s age-related issues.

The beauty of Aessoa lies in the use of natural substances. These substances provide the necessary nutrition, volume, and skin moisture to provide you, or your Patient, their best appearance.

The products in this range have been carefully formulated to not only provide long lasting results, but also for long-term skin health. So! Your patients will look good, feel good, and know their skin is in good hands! 


If you are looking for an alternative to your norm, or you are as keen as us to keep abreast of innovative technologies and products, then Aessoa Dermal Fillers are worth your attention.  

PURCHASE NOW and take advantage of our NEW 2022 AESSOA Price of £28! 

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