National Vitamin C Day!


“Nine out of ten people are deficient in at least one or more nutrients!” – Healthline

The 4th of April marks the annual National Vitamin C -Day, a celebration created by SkinCenticals to acknowledge the importance of Vitamin C for overall health and beauty.  

If you are feeling run down, tired or in need of a metabolism boost, vitamin injections are the simple remedy! The trend first started with Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie on their infamous tv show – ‘The Simple Life’.  Now, celebrities including Khloe and Kim Kardashian, Chrissy Teigen, Rhianna and Madonna are hip to the benefits of vitamin drips.  

From Collagen boosting properties to more get up and go, vitamins have been a mainstay within the Health & Beauty Industry… But what is it that distinguishes certain Vitamins from others, and why are Vitamin injections the sleeping giant of the Aesthetics industry? 


Let’s ‘C’ the Benefits of Vitamin Injections… 

Vitamin injections can help our bodies to heal, enhance the immune system, increase energy levels and improve our overall well-being 

We have had Vitamin injections for decades. However, they have only become widely known in the last 10 years thanks to celebrities and key influencers extolling their ‘Brain Fog Busting’ and ‘Calorie Burning’ properties.  

Celebrity Skin Care Specialist, Nurse Jamie, says that “Studies reveal that over 90 percent of people are deficient in at least one or more nutrients.” B12, C, D, E, and A, as well as calcium, iron, fibre, and potassium are among the nutrients that most people will lack. She explains that “It is easier for our bodies to absorb liquid vitamins than their counterpart, pills” as they are injected directly into a vein or muscle. This will be able to bypass the digestive system entirely, increasing the vitamin’s accessibility to the patient’s body.  

“Weekly vitamin shots are an effective way to increase your energy, strengthen your immune system, and promote weight loss.” – Nurse Jamie 

As a result, a patient would only need a fraction of the dosage than you would with a pill. Not only that, but rather than taking a vitamin every day, a patient would only need an injection once a week! B12 is just one of the many vitamins that can be injected. Vitamins C, D, B1, B2, B5, B6, B12 as well as amino acids and other nutrients, are all popular injection vitamins.  


Vitamin C – The ‘Not-So-Told-Secret’ to Natural Beauty  

Vitamin C is a robust antioxidant to help strengthen the immune system and fight inflammation. Among the health benefits, Vitamin C is also the ‘not-so-told-secret’ to enhancing beauty and appearance.  

Collagen is a natural ally in the fight against ageing skin and, as a result of increasing vitamin C levels, practitioners will be able to increase their patient’s collagen levels. This can help: 

  • keep skin youthful and plump 
  • Heal wounds 
  • Maintain and repair damaged skin and cartilage 
  • Diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles 
  • Brighten up complexion  
  • Even skin tone 
  • Reduce the appearance of dark spots 
  • Prevent premature aging 


Vitamin B-12 – The Ultimate Energy Booster! 

Vitamin B-12, commonly known as Cobalamin, is an essential vitamin that your patient’s bodies require however, cannot produce. According to the National Institutes of Health, it is estimated that 15% of people are deficient in vitamin B12 – and some studies indicate that the number may be higher.

The vitamin B-12 craze first started with Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie and has now become a well-known trend within the aesthetic and beauty industry. Now, Madonna, Justin Timberlake and Charlize Theron are among the high-listed celebs who swear by B12 injections as the quick fix they crave!

There are multiple benefits of B12 on physical and mental health as well as emotional wellbeing:

  • Boosts Energy – reducing tiredness and fatigue
  • Boosts Immunity – to support optimum physical health
  • Boots Metabolism– helping to support fat burning and weight loss
  • Boots Mental Wellbeing – reducing stress and emotional instability


Amongst other positive effects, it is a necessary vitamin for brain function, DNA production and red blood cell creation. A B-12 Injection can give your patient a natural boost of energy without the need of energy drinks or supplements. Energy boost aside, this injection can also help build the immune system and allows your patient to live without limits!  This method is a very effective way of reversing or preventing a deficiency as it allows for 100% absorption directly into the tissues. 


Vitamin D – How can we help to increase the Daily Dose of D… 

The vitamin that we love but also the one we most definitely lack (unfortunately)! Studies have shown that Vitamin D deficiency has been considered a major public health concern and has been estimated to affect 13% of the world’s population and in the UK that increase to around 50%! 

Sunlight plays a key role in creating Vitamin D, hence its nickname “the sunshine vitamin”. It is a necessary nutrient for a variety of bodily functions including building and maintaining strong bones, teeth and muscles 

As we age, our skin thins and so too does its ability to create Vitamin D. Fortunately, aside from exposure to the sun, there are other ways to increase a patient’s vitamin D levels.  

Consuming oily fishes, seafood, mushrooms, red meat, eggs, some cereals and including fortified foods in their diet can help to promote an increase in vitamin D levels.  

Exposure to the sun and dietary supplementation aside, Vitamin D injections are a viable alternative/complimentary approach to increasing vitamin D levels. Vitamin D injections can offer a boost for your patient’s health, supporting the immune system, and helps to maintain bone density and bone health. 

Your patients could start feeling healthier and happier within minutes of a vitamin D shot!


The Bottom Line… 

Popularity and availability feed growth and innovation. The advancements within the Health and Aesthetics Industry have made it easier than ever to include vitamins into our patient’s wellbeing plans. 

Whether Vitamin Injections is a service you are already providing or, maybe are currently evaluating, the benefits you can provide to the quality of your patient’s life are tremendous. Vitamins help to restore their body’s equilibrium efficiently and directly into their bloodstream is an attractive solution. 

If the Karadashians, Rhianna and Madonna are doing it… vitamin injections must be working!

So, let us remind ourselves, and our patients, to spread the news about National Vitamin C Day and realise the benefits associated with a balanced body and mind. 

Happy Vitamin C Day! x 


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