A newly developed HA Dermal Filler Range for the Aesthetic Industry!


MaiLi is a new premium range of four HA Dermal Fillers designed and developed by Sinclair Pharma in Switzerland. The HA Dermal Filler range joins the established portfolio of aesthetic products by Sinclair Pharma;  

  • Ellanse– the first collagen-stimulating dermal filler range for the face
  • Lanluma– an injectable poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA) collagen stimulant
  • Silhouette– unique cone threaded structure for non-surgical skin lifting and tightening



Less Product to achieve the same results

MaiLi is a high quality premium dermal filler range, offering supple volume, projection power and elasticity. This reflects natural movement for authentic beauty.

Sinclair outline that MaiLi utilises cutting-edge Swiss Technology to achieve the highest levels of aesthetic artistry. As a result, a practitioner can treat areas with less filler, creating longer-lasting patient satisfaction.

  • The new HA Dermal Filler Range harness the power of the world’s first OxiFree(TM) HA Technology.
  • OxiFree(TM) technology helps to preserve long molecular HA Chains allowing  the gel to behave like ‘Smart Springs’. This provides volume, projection power and flexibility. As well as the ability to move naturally.
  • This creates an outstanding projection capacity for less product injected- achieving the maximum clinical outcomes.
  • This innovative science creates a market-leading durable HA gel with lidocaine that allow results to last up to a year


MaiLi Dermal Filler Range

The versatile range (Precise, Define, Volume, and Extreme) provides the Aesthetic Artist with flexible solutions from fine tuning to deep corrections.


MaiLi Precise MaiLi Define MaiLi Extreme MaiLi Volume


MaiLi premium Filler Range is specifically designed for the treatment of fine lines, deep wrinkles and medium-sized depressions. As well as the periorbital area, volume loss and lip augmentation. As a result the range helps to sculpt and shape the face.

Sinclair highlight that “In comparison with existing market leaders, MaiLi Extreme utilises 24% less gel for the same volumizing impact. MaiLi is a brand where less filler implies more fullness and flexibility!”

Being able to use less product opens additional treatment options for patients. Practitioners can utilise the remaining product which would otherwise perhaps require an extra syringe.

Through identifying a sizeable gap in the market for fillers to maximise volume, suppleness and longevity combined, MaiLi utilised a unique opportunity to design a premium line of HA gels to meet this demand. When partnering with MaiLi, treatment possibilities are elevated with a premium portfolio of high-performing HA gels. As a result promising supreme volume, suppleness coupled with projection power and longevity, for aesthetic professionals to refine their craft with precision and care. –Chloé Antunes, Sinclair Pharma Marketing Manager

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