One of the most common questions we have been fielding recently from our customers has been:


“What alternatives are there to products such as Teosyal, Juvederm, and Revolax?”


These are all fantastic products and are firm favourites with all Aesthetic Practitioners. But what has got us excited at Teleta, is the new Intraline M Series range with Lidocaine (see first time purchase offer below). Particularly when you read the rheology and consider their price point!!

The M Series, is Intraline’s next generation of monophasic dermal fillers with lidocaine. Their fillers are made using a patent-pending technology to harness the power of a highly pure, highly cross-linked hyaluronic acid.

Intraline M Series dermal fillers have high visco-elasticity levels to give long-lasting volume. Their fillers are CE marked and Intraline stand proudly behind their quality.


The M Series Range includes:

  • M2 Plus with Lidocaine – best suited for treatment of fine to medium wrinkles in the cupid’s bow, labial commissure, neck folds and lip definition
  • M3 Plus with Lidocaine – best suited for medium to deep wrinkles in the lips, nasolabial folds, marionette lines and the chin
  • M4 Plus with Lidocaine – best suited for deep-set wrinkles and facial contouring in the cheeks, chin and jawline. It is also ideal for non-surgical rhinoplasty and high definition in the lips

M Series Dermal Filler Rheology

This Rheological Testing was commissioned by Intraline and performed by The Centre For Industrial Rheology, an independent, third-party lab with no affiliation to Intraline.


The resistance of a fluid to flow. The higher the number the “thicker” the product is for injecting.

Dermal Filler Viscosity Level

Complex Modulus (Visco-Elasticity)
Intraline M Series Visco Elasticity

This is a measure of the gel’s ability to maintain its shape after injection. A higher number would require higher forces applied to change the shape and would be better for facial contouring.

Dermal Filler Complex Modulus Intraline

Phase Angle

Intraline M Series Phase Angle resultsPhase angle is a measure of the relative dominance of elastic or viscous response of the sample. The lower the number, the more dominant the elastic vs viscous properties of the gel. Therfore you can expect better projection.

Dermal Filler Phase Angle




If you are looking for an alternative to your norm, or you are as keen as us to keep abreast of new technologies and products, then the Intraline M Series is worth your attention.

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