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With most dermal fillers targeted towards the feminine market, Intraline have made a breakthrough to fill the gap in the market with Intraline Men. Men can now also look younger than ever, hiding the commonly seen wrinkles adorning a man’s face such as forehead lines.

With men striving to take better care of themselves and look their best too, Intraline men can turn the clock back for them too.

Intraline Men can treat deep wrinkles, create facial contouring, enhance lips, eliminate mandible, frown lines and forehead lines.

1x1ml Syringe

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Intraline Men Dermal Fillers use the finest ingredients that have been formulated specifically to provide smoother, more natural results.

Intraline Men can also be used for nonsurgical rhinoplasty and facial contouring of the cheeks, chin, and jawline.

Production occurs through a non-animal, proprietary bacterial fermentation process. Intraline’s Hyaluronic Acid is efficient and environmentally friendly. It is the product of years of Swedish research and innovative spherification technology, to smooth HA’s traditionally angular rhomboid molecular structure.

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