Juvederm Voluma Plus Lidocaine

Juvederm Voluma plus Lidocaine is a hyaluronic volumiser that helps re-contour the face, restore volume to chin, cheeks, and cheekbones that have become hollow or thin due to weight loss or age-related facial fat loss.

It is a fast-acting and long-lasting dermal filler with effects taking place immediately after procedure. Voluma offers a visible lift for up to 18 months.

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a natural substance found inside the human body. Its key properties are to keep the skin hydrated whilst adding plumpness. HA naturally breaks down in the body during metabolism and is then replaced. However, as we get older and our metabolism slows down with the replacement of HA, less often which results in less hydrated skin and less volume in the skin.

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  • 2x1ml

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