‘Staycationing’ (AKA wild camping) saw us taking a break from our weekly industry emails BUT that has meant we have lots of great content to share.

Alongside Industry surveys and new podcasts, this week’s newsletter includes a first post from Sheryl-Anne, our Operations Director, on identifying counterfeit/fake products.

Sheryl-Anne is one of our most experienced team members and has probably forgotten more about the industry than I will ever know, so well worth a read with some really useful insight and tips!


In the News this week


Top Tips To Help Identify Fake Dermal Fillers & Aesthetic Products

It used to be the volume end that was susceptible to counterfeit or fake products. But, increasingly we are finding high value products on their list. This is making the aesthetics industry an appealing target to the criminal elements in the world. But, fear not, Sheryl-Anne, our Operations Director, has some checks that you can do to minimise your exposure.

The Most Popular Treatments & Who Does Them From The 2020 NHBF’s Aesthetics Survey

Some interesting insight from the 2020 NHBF’s Aesthetics Survey. Beauty premises working with Aesthetics Practitioners, skin reconditioning becoming more and more popular and are fat dissolvers about to blow up?

How Zoom & Working From Home Has Shifted The Cosmetic Surgery & Injectables Industry

People can’t wait to get back into clinics. The post lockdown months of filtered images and posts have meant customers are now more eager than ever to visit their favourite practitioner. Fix my ‘Zoom Face’ is now a common request and a possible marketing opportunity too.


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New Cosmetics Podcast – Aesthetics Unlocked – Ep1 Returning To The Clinic

This, once a month, podcast looks to reveal industry insights and insider advice. This first episode, is set to discuss what is at the forefront of everyone’s minds. What can you practise and how can you safely return to work? Joined by their first ever special guest, Director of the Consulting Room Group, Ron Myers.

Diversity In Aesthetics: Dr Soul Mugerwa

Fascinating read on the lack of diversity/representation within the Aesthetics industry. Glowday interviewee Dr Soul (GP), aesthetic doctor and medical director at Nouvelle Aesthetix.