The website just got a whole lot better !!

As mentioned in last week’s News letter, we are adding a bunch of new functionality around Customer and Prescriber capabilities. Well, today it is live!

We watched and learned a lot about how Prescribers and Customers interact on Things we looked for were bottlenecks, repeat tasks, and where we see the most errors causing delays to completion. We have come up with a new, more efficient, way to order Prescription Only Products. And today, you can try it out!


  • Add a Prescriber to your account – Look for My Prescribers on your dashboard. Once added, this will allow you to select their name from a drop down rather than having to repeatedly type each time you need a prescription (add Prescribers emails here). You can add as many prescribers as you like.
  • Add Patient details to your order – Now you can break up your order into ‘Prescription bundles’ before sending it to your Prescriber. This will make it easier (and faster to sign off) between yourself and your Prescriber to confirm which products belong to which patient. Add patient details, add the products, send to your prescriber…simple!
  • Repeat an Order – If you find yourself buying the same basket over and over again, you can now go into your past Orders, open it and click ‘Order Again’.


  • Add your qualification details – Add this along with your other details in My account and it will pre-fill your information on any new Prescriptions you make (add you details here)
  • Create multiple prescriptions from one order – No more creating multiple prescription templates, double checking products to patients, or going over the maximum allowed per script. Even just simply not having to retype every product into the prescription! Now you can manage it all in the one interface.
  • Search your archive – Now all past orders are stored in a searchable archive providing the order detail and the Prescription created. (view your archive here)

We have created a bunch of instruction videos which you can access here.

If you have any questions or feedback then please  get in touch.

As always our team are here to help!