What is PRP?

Platelet Rich Plasma, PRP for short, is the product of a 3 stage process where the patients blood is harvested and processed for the purpose of reinjection back into the patient.

As an Aesthetics treatment, it may be regarded as a fairly new (think PMP Vampire Facials or PRP For Hairloss) but in fact, it has been on the medical scene since the early 1960’s.

PRP therapy treatments at your practice are not just ‘possible’ now but, with their ever growing popularity and growing list of treatment opportunities, more than likely, they will be very ‘probable’.

We asked Alp Oganalp, Clinical Director of Est-ethics Wellness Clinic to reflect on the treatment and what it means to the Aesthetics industry and his practice.

What benefits has PRP brought to your practice?

PRP is such a great treatment that offers very low risk of complications and side effects. It has a vast amount of studied, tried and proven practices all over the world giving us clinics great confidence with our desired outcomes. One of the main treatments is for scalp therapy. There are a lot of patients opting for hair transplant surgery options abroad but the downside of that is they miss out on the vital post surgery PRP applications to maximise their results when returning to the UK. This is where we delivered quite a lot of sessions to patients who are looking for a post op aftercare solution.

What can it treat, what do you treat most?

This is a medical treatment that has been on the go since the 1960’s. Mainly used for surgical treatments but now it has a huge list of treatments. Our main treatment is for anti-hair loss, scalp and facial applications. We also have treatments for both men and women, PRP O-shot (Sexual Dysfunction), Male Sexual Dysfunction, Urinary Incontinence, Joint injections for Arthritis.

What are the outcomes you aim for when treating a patient?

Treatments must meet with the patients expectations set out in their consultation pre treatment. As for every medical treatment, consultation is a vital part and we agree on the possible outcomes with patients. Whether it is a hair loss issue or more invasive treatments like joint injections, our aim is to achieve satisfaction of our patients and their repeat treatments.

What are the highlights?

Treatments are becoming more and more of clinical interest to scientists and researchers for effective treatments of various conditions. It is now highly popular for sexual dysfunction treatments and joint pain relief injections.

Why are people put off using PRP in their practices?

Treatments carry the same risks associated with any procedures that involve injections. However, it is regarded as a safe treatment. When undertaken by a qualified practitioner, there is little risk of infection, inflammation etc. The real challenge is to find the right PRP kits and their optimal harvesting procedures.

It’s such a specialised procedure and, backed with clinical details, some practitioners may feel they are not really optimising their products fully and doubt their treatments.

The cost of PRP products can also be a factor. PRP tubes are special tubes with agents (sodium citrate) to aid and optimise the platelets harvesting process, typically from a PRP centrifuge.

How does it fit into the ‘Aesthetic World’, and what are the most popular treatments?

It’s the ultimate personalised injectable product in the Aesthetic World. Autologous growth factor ingredients deliver a high degree of skin and scalp rejuvenation. Therefore facial, skin and scalp (anti- hair loss) treatments are the most popular PRP treatments on the market.

How long does a treatment take?

For each treatment, it should take an average 1 hour to complete. Experienced practitioners can deliver treatments within 30 minutes. Again, this depends on the particular treatment and skills gained by the practitioner.

Do you think there is a rise in popularity?

Due to its safety record and patient satisfaction, the treatments lists are constantly growing. Clinics who offer PRP treatments command a better marketplace for capturing wider clients who are in need of alternative, reliable, clinically proven treatments.


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