So how can you know the performance of a filler? Trial and error? Read reviews? Listen to recommendations? Or do you wait to read a rheology report from a reputable lab which gives you unbiased data and comparison.

Intraline has recently released the results of its M Series (M2 Plus, M3 Plus, M4 Plus) Dermal fillers which it has had commissioned from The Centre For Industrial Rheology, an independent third-party lab based in the UK.

The results are fascinating, surprising, informative and available to download.

With comparisons to brands you likely use already (Juvederm, Teoxane), the report goes into ‘like for like’ comparisons across:

  • Viscosity: The thickness measurement of a liquid indicating its tendencies to spread or stay in place
  • Visco-Elasticity: Measure of a gels rigidity and ability to hold ‘shape’ indicating its suitability for contouring or more superficial applications
  • Phase Angle: Measuring the elastic properties of a gel indicating its projection capabilities versus its likelihood to spread

You can download the report Intraline Rheology Report and see how some of the products you likely already use, stack up to Intraline’s MSeries.